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Windows Kernel Exploitation - Part 0x0 [WKE P0]

Hello Readers, It's been so long since I have written any blog post but now, the time has come :p Firstly I thought of writing a series of tutorials on Active Directory Pentesting but setting up a good AD lab will take some time so we can learn it once the AD lab is ready ;) :) If you hate theories then you may not like this post because I have to include this in order to start it from scratch. I assume that you have some experience in binary exploitation because I won't be covering the user-land exploitation. Introduction  I thought of learning the basics of kernel exploitation on Win7 as a virtual environment. This blog post is a 0th part of this series on Windows Kernel Exploitation. Please feel free to point out mistakes, send suggestions and also criticize wherever you feel like ;)  Let us start !  Kernel - According to Wikipedia - a kernel is a central part of an operating system which manages the operations of the computer and hardware - most notabl